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School Community Council

Our 2022-2023 School Community Council includes:

Chairperson: Marja Stang

Vice-Chair: Lacey Ellis

Vice-Principal/Secretary: Loni Hollingshead

Members at Large: Carolyn Murphy, Julie Bakke, Hardeep Badyal, Jill Ruep, Courtney Rowley, Allison Elliott, Jessica Kragh

Principal: Cheri Haberstock

Student Members: Kaitlyn Stepp, Danika Ross


Meetings are as listed below on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm. Anyone from our school community is always welcome to attend.

Dates for 2023-2024:

SCC Purpose, Projects and Events:​ 

  • Be informed  about Spruce Ridge School.
  • Support Spruce Ridge School, contribute to the Spruce Ridge School Improvement Plan.
  • Host the Back to School BBQ the night before school begins.
  • Develop and implement a nutrition policy for our school.
  • Welcome new families to our school community.
  • Act as a focus group to provide input, discuss, and share programming for our school.
  • Organize fundraising events to support a variety of school initiatives and projects (playground equipment, smart boards, special presentations, class trips,  etc.).  Oversee the spending of all funds raised by the school and SCC.
  • Organize special events to develop a sense of community in our school (carnival, winter festival,  character education activities, etc.)
  • Help out at school events (reading programs, track and field day, hot lunch days, etc.)